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Dates of important Mahabharat events in years

Hereunder is provided a short table dates of important Mahabharat events in years. (Dates and Tithis in years in Rama Samvat assuming Shri Rama Samvat 1st January. 1 equivalent to 1st Jan 7323 B.C. Rama's birth date has been conclusively proved to be 4th Dec. 7323 B.C.( "Vastav Ramayan").


Going to forest 4th Sept. 5574 BC

Kitmeet Killed 7th Sept. 5574 BC

Going underground 19th May 5562 BC

Keechak killed 1st April 5561 BC

Anukeechak-Massacre 2nd April 5561 BC

End of secret life 9th April 5561 BC

Cows stolen 15th April 5561 BC

Arjuna exposed 16th April 5561 BC

All pandavas exposed 19th April 5561 BC

Marriage of Uttara 4th May.
& Abhimanyu.

Krishna set out for a treaty. 27th Sept.

Stay at Upaplavya 27th Sept.

Stay at Vrukshthala 28th Sept.

Dinner to Brahmins 29th Sept.

Entry into Hastinapur 30th Sept.

Krishna meets Kunti etc. 1st Oct.

Invited for meeting 2nd Oct.

First meeting 3rd Oct.

Second meeting and an attempt 4th Oct.
to arrest Krishna.

Third meeting Vishvaroopa 7th Oct.

Stay at Kunti 8th Oct.

Krishna meets Karna. War 9th Oct.

Krishna returns 9th Oct.

Pandavas preparation 11th Oct.
Balaram's visit.

Mahabharat war started 16th Oct.

Abhimanyu killed 28th Oct. 5561 BC.

End of War 2nd November 5561 B.C.

Yudhishthira crowned 16th Nov. 5551 BC.

Bhishma expired 22nd Dec. 5561 BC

Pandava campaign 15th Jan. 5560 BC
for wealth

Parikshita born 28th Jan. 5560 BC

Pandavas return 25th Feb. 5560 BC

Ashvamedh Deeksha. 1st March 5560 BC

Return of Arjuna Horse 15th Jan. 5560 BC

Ashvamedh yajna 22nd Feb. 5559 BC

Dhrutarashtra went to forest 18th Aug. 5545 BC

Pandavas visited Kunti 18th Aug. 5543 BC
Vidura expired

Death of Kunti, Dhrutarashtra, Sept./Oct. 5541 BC
and Gandhari

Yadava Massacre 5525 B.C.

Parikshit Dead 5499 B.C.


At August 25, 2006 12:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope these calculations are just for amusement. Please refer to "Early Sanskritization. Origins and development of the Kuru State" on

At August 25, 2006 1:11 AM, Blogger Bhale Budugu said...

No - these calculations are not for amusement ...these were actually from a famous maharashtrian professor ...and let me be frank on this ...most facts presented by westerners on indian civilization are misrepresented on a infinitive scale, who ever it may be...hope mw is also one of them...he might not be too...but i don't know.

great pity is that we stupid asses started to believe in others revelations rather than trusting our own people...

At August 25, 2006 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see that you are quoting from Dr. Vartak's article.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with a more mainstream history. Any history textbook taught in Indian Universities should do. The dates in Witzel's paper are the standard ones accepted by the Indian History Congress. Please have a look at this speech by Amartya Sen:

The question is not about beliefs or trust. The paper by Witzel is based on evidence gathered by other historians - many of them are Indians (a look at the references should be enough), though it shouldn't matter.

At August 25, 2006 5:20 PM, Blogger Bhale Budugu said...

well...if it's not for beliefs and trusts , no civilization could have survived thousands of years. for that matter trusts and beliefs come from "Actual Facts". If it was not a established fact, it would not have survived so many years.

westerners are trying to satisfy and prove their egotism to other cultures, since they themselves donot have a culture as long as we do.

In that process it is a pity to say that some of the influences from them have been running into our historians to either have a personal or professional achievements to be marked as their own under the influence of westerners.

I am not disrespecting any one, but one should understand that contradictions to others views are part of life but they should be in their limits to respect others.

Trying to prove ones views wrong deliberately is a cowards act and that's what exactly happens with these westerners views..


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